About us

Are you ready for an ultimate dining experience?

Hosted by Boho Studio and catered by Chef Alex Pucci, Secret Suppers was born out of the idea for intentional living by bringing people together at a long table ,to share a meal. Secret suppers is curated to celebrate life through seasons in creative and inspiring way. Splendor of distinct locations ,meticulously styled to transform nature, archaeological sites and unconventional places into breathtaking dinner settings. Gatherings accompanied with delicious seasonal local food, wine and drink. 

And best part of all ? It s a secret ! Secret location , secret menu, secret guests.
We invite you to join us , for a culinary delight , followed by endless conversations underneath the sky and candlelight . 

The Team

About the Chef

The love and passion for food and cooking have always been present in her life.
Starting back in her childhood memories of picking herbs, fruits and vegetables from her grandparent’s garden, the taste of fresh goat milk and eggs from the small family farm are among those things that shaped her and have left a fingerprint in the chef that she is today.

She is a young chef with vision and the urge to create.
In constant search for perfection and with ambition of bringing the art of Fine dining on the culinary scene in Macedonia.
Her experience consists of working in restaurants and hotels in Macedonia, but mostly taking courses and internships abroad in the field of Fine dining and Michelin star awarded restaurants.
She is continuously working, learning and improving her techniques and approach to food in addition to deliver the best food experience to the people.
She likes to work with seasonal and local ingredients, with her vision to help, inspire and  support local artisan farmers, winemakers and craftsmen’s.

She believes that we don’t only need food to nourish our body, but we also need food to feed the soul and our senses. 

About Boho Studio

Welcome to our world. A world of exciting plans, happy people, color, designing, flowers, heaps of linen, the great outdoors, fabrics, paint and soooo many more great things that come with.
Boho.mk Events planning and design prides itself on being personal to each and every client. Every single event is completely unique as we offer a high end service to plan and style events, weddings and functions. We also offer sustainable planning and styling services to ensure our events have as little impact on the environment as possible.
As a founders of SecretSupper.mk we aim to execute fresh ideas tailored to each supper , sure to get you pinned , regrammed and trending .
The concept of the Secret Supper is bold and authentic .